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React is having a huge impact on the way we think about Web UI development. Our Meetups are an opportunity to learn why and share experiences. We are a sociable group and very welcoming to newcomers.


Sam Rowe
Sam Rowe
Red Badger

Reason ML: What is it and Why Should I Bother?

ReasonML is a new language on the horizon for writing React apps. But is it any good and should I bother giving it a go?

Ioanna Lampropoulou
Ioanna Lampropoulou
Sea/ by Maritech

Creating mobile apps with React Native as a Web Developer

How easy is it for a React Developer to build a mobile application? In this session we will walk through building an app that incorporates sound and makes use of a GraphQL API. We will speak about common libraries and share tips that help accelerate the development process. Moreover, we will compare Expo against React Native CLI and learn how to run an app on a mobile device.

Jack Wilkinson
Jack Wilkinson
Century Tech

React Suspense and Concurrent Mode: What, When and Why?

An introduction to two of the latest features in the React framework and how to utilise them to improve app responsiveness and user experience.

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