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React is having a huge impact on the way we think about Web UI development. Our Meetups are an opportunity to learn why and share experiences. We are a sociable group and very welcoming to newcomers.


David Normington
David Normington

Site Performance at Arcadia

Arcadia is a group of retail companies including Topshop and Dorothy Perkins amongst others. I'll talk about some of the site performance challenges we've had. I'll share the lessons we've learned the hard way, some solutions and what we can do to prepare for the future as the market and technology changes.

Leo Siddall-Butchers
Leo Siddall-Butchers

Blueprint and Formik: combining the right form-ula

Choosing the libraries that make up the core of your application can be hard, particularly when they are they are user-facing. - Which has the best developer experience? - What’s best for performance? - What about user accessibility? When facing these questions, the answers we often land on are Formik and Blueprint. Unfortunately, these choices when used together don’t work cleanly, I’ve fixed that by creating a library to adapt between them.

Fatos Hoti
Fatos Hoti

End to End testing at scale

Klara is a digital product and as such, in order for it to be moving forward it needs to be tested before going to production. Lately our functional / integration test suite is growing much faster. And it’s for a good reason, Our first cypress related commit happened in September 2017. One could argue that at this point we have quite a bit of experience running it “in production”. We have experienced both the good and the bad side of it, but now I am fairly certain that we as a team have tamed it and are using to its potential. Our test suite contains over 400 different scenarios running on CI in about 6 minutes, how we do it and how we got there I explain in this talk.

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