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React is having a huge impact on the way we think about Web UI development. Our Meetups are an opportunity to learn why and share experiences. We are a sociable group and very welcoming to newcomers.

July React London Meetup


Chris Hutchinson
Chris Hutchinson
The Times, News UK

Test like you mean it with React Testing Library

We all want to ship components with confidence, and have the freedom to refactor them. React Testing Library's API encourages great testing practices by default, and in this talk I'll build up and refactor a component, exploring all the features the testing library has to offer.

Niall O'Connor
Niall O'Connor
News UK

What's up with CSS in JS?

Where has it come from? What does it do? Do we even need it? This is a talk to answer these questions, explore the landscape, and compare the most common libraries.

Lucas F. Costa
Lucas F. Costa

Tests, Types and why flat-earthers are bad at QA

Writing tests is not enough to prove that your code works. In fact, trying to prove that it works is the wrong mindset altogether. In this talk, we're going to explore the intersection between tests and types when it comes to software quality and correctness and about how to effectively combine different kinds of tests and the types to make your applications more reliable.

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