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React is having a huge impact on the way we think about Web UI development. Our Meetups are an opportunity to learn why and share experiences. We are a sociable group and very welcoming to newcomers.


Neil Slinger
Neil Slinger
JP Morgan

Visualizing Streaming Data in the Browser

How to build a high-performance, real-time data visualization environment for a modern web environment. Covering data processing, exploration and visualization.

Abraham Polishchuk
Abraham Polishchuk

Continuous Delivery for React Native

A review of how Flock ships a mobile app to production on a continuous basis, what steps we've taken to ensure continued stability, and what we've learned about the ecosystem in doing so.

James Singleton
James Singleton
Unit Set Ltd

React + ASP.NET Core = 👍

Learn about ASP.NET Core, Microsoft's cross-platform and open-source web application framework, and how we can integrate a React app with a .NET Core API back-end written in C#.

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